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Egg Donor Search



Rite Options will conduct an extensive egg donor database search for matching you with your desired candidate! 


We help intended parents find the most suitable egg donor through a comprehensive donor database. Our databank consists of egg donors from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Many of these wonderful women are college educated, and many have graduated with advanced degrees and are currently in employment within their respective fields.

When intended parents first seek out our egg donation service, we first try to assess what they’re looking for. We aim to determine what criteria matter most to you. After the intake, your case manager will work tirelessly and research through our egg donor database to find your potential egg donor right away. You will be in frequent contact with your case manager. Finding a donor egg requires a meticulous and comprehensive effort. Let us do the groundwork for you. 


We are looking to find egg donor candidates who have:


-    The same or similar ethnic background that you and your family have

-    The academic qualifications and ambitions you desire

-    The physical traits that you’re hoping to pass on to your baby

-    The desire to help others

-    A sound mind and a healthy body and lifestyle


Please note, all egg donors listed in our database have been pre-screened by our most qualified personnel in accordance with the American Society for Reproductive Medicine guidelines and undergone extensive interviews with us in order to qualify for our program. Once a match with an intended parent is made, the case manager will set up necessary medical and psychological appointments with Intended parents fertility clinic and once the donor passes all required screening, legal contract will need to be drafted and signed between the intended parents and their donor before donor will begin the egg donation process and starts injections phase. Should you have any questions or concerns throughout the process, we urge you to speak to your case manager. 

If you need help in egg donors search and would like the professional support and guidance of an egg donation agency, please get in touch with Rite Options today.