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Beautiful Egg Donors

Beautiful Egg Donors

Let Rite Options help you find attractive egg donors! 

When intended parents discuss the traits and attributes they desire in their ideal egg donor, and they often state, “We prefer someone who is beautiful and smart.” As parents, we often seek out the best for our child. We want our children to be accepted and appreciated for their intelligence and appearance. In our society, appearance does matter much, so it’s natural that we’d want the baby to acquire good traits.

Finding an egg donor based on physical traits can make the egg donor selection process more difficult for intended parents. However, your Rite Options case manager will have a detailed discussion with you to hone in on what matters to you the most when it comes to physical traits. Perhaps you’re an athlete and want your egg donor to be the same.

Maybe you are a model and prefer your donor to have similar attributes. Rest assured, we will help you find attractive egg donors!


How does the Beautiful Egg Donor Selection Process work?

During our consultation, you will be requested to complete our form that outlines various physical characteristics that you’d like to see in your potential egg donor. Your case manager wants to see photographs of your spouse or partner, yourself as well as your family members to get an idea of the physical traits that exist in your family genetics. 

Once you’ve decided on the traits that matter to you most in an egg donor, we will start searching and sending you egg donor profiles. You have to look through them all and narrow down your selection for beautiful egg donors based on your criteria. 

Are you ready to search for an egg donor who possesses all the physical attributes that you desire? Get in touch with Rite Options to get started.