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Best Surrogacy Agency

Find the Best Surrogacy Agency

Once a couple has decided to pursue surrogacy, the next step will be to find the best surrogacy agency to help fulfill their parenthood goals. There are numerous gestational surrogacy agencies, so selecting the preferred one will be an unnerving task.

The intended parents will realize soon that not every agency operates the same way. Each surrogacy agency has varying standards regarding egg donors and surrogates and how psychological and medical screenings are applied to these two groups.

When researching various agencies, you should look into the care that it offers the surrogates. Some points to consider are compensation amount, types of benefits and support, etc. As intended parents, you wouldn’t want anything less than perfect treatment for your surrogate. Many top surrogacy agencies in the state are known for being compassionate and exceeding their level of care. The case coordinator maintains continuous communication and support with their respective surrogates.

Apart from the level of compassion and care, intended parents should also look for the following points when researching the best gestational surrogacy agencies:

-The screening process for egg donors and surrogates

-Fertility specialists and their success rates

-Referrals for 3rd party reproductive attorneys

-Standing of the egg donor agency

-Years of experience

-Access to former surrogates

-Types of special care provided to surrogates

-Agency Fees

-Payment Schedule for Surrogates

-Life Insurance option for Surrogates


When speaking with some of the top gestational surrogacy agencies, you must have these criteria at hand. It will help you in choosing the best surrogacy agency. Pay attention to how the agency provides answers, including their sincerity and professionalism.

Surrogacy is a life-changing journey. Therefore it’s important to team up with an agency that has an outstanding rapport with their surrogates as well as the intended parents. As your list of surrogacy agencies begins to narrow, it is recommended you request to speak with a member of the agency’s executive team.

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