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Become a Surrogate Mother

Thinking of Becoming a Surrogate Mother?

The Journey of Being a Surrogate

The decision to become a surrogate mother can be life-changing. As a surrogate mother, you extend help to infertile couples or single parents in bringing their child into the world. This decision is not as simple as it sounds. You need to be mentally, physically, and emotionally prepared to go through the process of surrogacy. Being a surrogate is a serious responsibility. When you agree to become a surrogate, you give your time, energy, and body to help someone (intended parents) begin a family.

The journey is difficult but the rewards are fruitful!

Apart from financial compensations( Up To $65,000 Base Compensation), you experience a sense of pride. You are privileged to give life to a child while giving hope to an intended parent. But before you take the plunge of becoming a surrogate mother, you must know the inside-out of the surrogacy process and what makes a good surrogate.


What are the Guidelines of Becoming a Surrogate Mother?

As a surrogate, you can either work independently or through an agency. We would recommend the agency way, as surrogacy is a legal process with certain complications. Managing everything on own can be a bit tiring. When you go through an agency, you ensure that your rights as a surrogate are protected and you meet the right intended parents.

Agencies set their own standards for an ideal surrogate mother. Still, there are some common factors or traits that an ideal surrogate mother must possess.

To begin with, compassion and commitment are the foremost qualities. Without these two qualities, you cannot qualify as a good surrogate. You need to be compassionate towards the need of the intended parents. They have given you the biggest and most precious responsibility of bringing their child into the world. Hence, you are committed to them.

Next, you must maintain a healthy and clean environment for yourself. This is critical for your health as well as the child you are carrying. Rite Options advocates the highest standard of care for surrogate mother and child at every step of the way.


How to Become a Surrogate Mother?

Women who want to become a surrogate mother must first understand the initial process or requirements of becoming a surrogate. When you go through the agency route, you have to meet the agency’s qualifications and screening requirements. Many agencies keep a record of screened surrogates to match them with screened intended parents. 
Screening ensures that you are physically and mentally prepared for the surrogacy. While every agency may follow its own requirements, there are some general standards set by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine.

  • The surrogate must be within a certain age – ideally between 21 and 42 years of age. Some agencies require their surrogates to be in their primary childbearing years.

  • Maintain a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index) between 18 and 30. You can easily calculate your BMI online.

  • No history of smoking or drug intake.

  • No government assistance.

  • Preferably have one successful previous pregnancy and no more than three cesarean or five vaginal births.

  • No medical history of pregnancy complications.

  • Discontinue the use of anti-anxiety or antidepressants at least 12 months before surrogacy.

  • Ability to travel to medical appointments.

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle and financial stability.

If you think you meet all the criteria or requirements of a surrogate, you can apply for becoming a surrogate. Post that, you will go through the screening process, which generally involves the following steps:

  • Submission of the Application: You’ll need to apply to become a surrogate at Rite Options surrogacy agency.    

  • Assessment: The agency representative will personally talk more about your decision to become a surrogate. This is the stage when they will inquire about your objectives and purpose behind becoming a surrogate to ensure that you are taking the decision willingly without any social and family pressure.

We at Rite Options respect and appreciate your decision to become a surrogate. Your desire to help intended parents including LGBT couples and single parents become parents is commendable.

You can contact our surrogacy professionals who will walk you through the surrogate requirements and be with you at every step of the journey.