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Intelligent Egg Donors

Find Intelligent Egg Donor

Rite Options makes finding Ivy League educated, intelligent egg donors a number one priority!

A majority of intended parents who seek our assistance in finding intelligent egg donors are themselves graduates from some of the best universities in the country. Many are accomplished in their industries and are hoping to see the same accomplishments in their egg donor. 

While we undergo the egg donor selection process, your Rite Options case manager will assess each donor profile to ensure it reflects egg donor intelligence. We understand how important this trait is for your family and we endeavor to seek out this trait in your potential match. During our search, we will pursue candidates who have either graduated from a four-year college program with a minimum 3.0 GPA or those who are seeking an advanced degree. Our past successful matches include donors with master’s and bachelor’s degrees as well as law students, Ph.D. candidates & med school students. If you prefer an artistic donor with a talent in music, we can find this quality too! 


The Intelligent Egg Donor Selection Process - a Myth?

Most intended parents have the image of an ideal egg donor in mind. She is likely someone who is attending or has graduated from an Ivy League school and is accomplished in many extra-curricular activities. The reality of the matter is, most of the candidates in our database are ambitious, attractive and intelligent. Some Ivy-league students may not choose to donate their eggs because of the time constraints or lack of inclination. Nevertheless, our quest to help you find an educated donor from some of the top schools in the country will always be a priority. 

Intended parents start their egg donation with high hopes and dreams of finding the perfect candidate. Your Rite Options case manager will work tirelessly to pair you with an intelligent egg donor who shares the same ambitions, values & spirit that you do. 

Let us help you find an egg donor today. Get in touch with Rite Options.