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Privacy Policy

Rite Options, Inc. maintains very strict rules of confidentiality, bound by law.

All of the medical and personal information released by the egg donors, intended parents and all other entities involved in the process are kept strictly confidential and will NOT get released to any outside parties without express written permission by the owners of such information.

Contact information, such as mailing addresses, phones and e-mail will never be given, sold, copied or otherwise distributed by the Rite Options, Inc. to any organizations or individuals.

Sometimes it would be necessary to provide private information (for example medical tests results of an egg donor to the intended parents). In such instances the party supplying the information would be informed ahead of time and will have to sign a Consent form prior to dissemination of information.

E-mails will be used by Rite Options, Inc. to facilitate communications between various parties involved in the process, but only after all of the parties have given consent to use their e-mails in such capacity.