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California Surrogate Mothers

Become A Surrogate Mother In California

Surrogacy in California is a remarkable journey. Whether you’re an anticipating intended parent or a compassionate surrogate, welcoming a child into this world through gestational surrogacy in California will forever change the lives of both parties. 

The state of California is one of the few ‘surrogacy friendly’ states in the United States. It’s a great place to pursue a  surrogacy journey for both intended parents and potential surrogates. California’s favorable surrogacy statutes have enabled Rite Options to pair intended parents with surrogates efficaciously. 

In California, gestational surrogacy contracts, as well as those for embryo, sperm and egg donations, are recognized. The California law protects the rights of intended parents, surrogates, the egg donor as well as the baby. 

Establishing parentage via surrogacy in the state of California is a smooth process. For the most part, surrogates do not have to appear in court. Both parties need to seek independent counsel that specializes in reproductive law, review and sign specific legal documents drawn up by counsel and return it to their respective attorneys. 


Requirements for Potential Surrogate Mothers in California


Women who are interested in becoming surrogate mothers must meet the following criteria:

  - Have had a baby of their own and are currently parenting one child.

  - Have had healthy pregnancies and delivery with medical documentation to support these facts. 

  - Are between ages 21 and 41 years

  - Body Mass Index is 33 or less

  - Are a legal immigrant, legal resident or citizen of the United States

  - Does not participate in any government aid programs such as welfare, cash assistance, public housing, etc. Other forms of government help will be reviewed on an individual case basis. 


Benefits of Becoming California Surrogate Mothers

  - Surrogates who reside in California are living near some of the leading fertility clinics in the country with whom Rite Options shares close relationships. In many cases, you might be working with intended parents who use these clinics, so living here would reduce your traveling. 

  - Earn high compensation amounts 

  - Become a part of a select group of women and form life-long friendships with intended parents

  - Gain a sense of fulfillment for having given the best gift to someone else; the gift of life! 

Are you ready to become a surrogate mother in California? Get in touch with us at Rite Options.