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Using an Egg Donor

Using Egg Donation Services


Many individuals and couples who are unable to start a family on their own consider using an egg donor. 

What is egg donation and why you might use donor eggs?

Ovum or egg donation is a process when a woman agrees to undergo medical treatment to have some of ova harvested surgically for the benefit of intended parents. This enables these parents to have a baby of their own. Egg donation is also called ‘third party’ fertility. 

There are many reasons why a couple might choose to use egg donation. Some reasons include:

-    Have a limited ovarian reserve due to advanced age

-    PCOS diagnosis

-    Cancer treatment which limited fertility

-    Genetic disorders that you don’t want to pass on to your offspring

-    Born without a uterus

-    You are a gay male couple or a single man who requires a donor egg 

The Process of Using Egg Donation Services


Once you’ve decided to start your family by using an egg donor, a Rite Options case manager will inform and guide you in making important decisions. 


1. Intake and Consultation


At your first consultation appointment with us, we’ll examine your egg donor requirements. We’ll have a closer look at the criteria you desire in your egg donor. There are no charges involved in this first consultation or any obligation to use our services. 

Once you’ve made up your mind to use Rite Options and to use an egg donor from our agency, you’ll be expected to sign our agency agreement and secure payment. 


2. Searching for an Egg Donor


We understand that selecting an egg donor is not easy. You’ve also experienced many ups and downs till date in your effort to start a family. This is an emotional roller coaster. To support and guide you, our case manager will work with you to look through our donor profiles. The searching process can take one day or 3 months or longer, but you can be sure you will be able to contact your case manager as often as you like. 


3. Reserve Your Donor


Once you’ve selected your egg donor, we will coordinate with the donor and your fertility clinic for appropriate screening and testing. Before starting the medication cycle, a legal document will be drawn up and completed by both parties. 

During this entire process, we will continue to guide and support you in every way possible. If you need to use donor eggs to start your family, please get in touch with Rite Options