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If you're thinking about using egg donation to make your parenting dreams come true, you are at the right pace.


What Makes Rite Options One of the Leading Egg Donation Agency in the United States?


We at Rite Options provide unparalleled support to the intended parents and egg donors, high egg donor compensation, and an opportunity to work with the team of experts in egg donation in the United States. This combination ensures a seamless and happy path to successful gestational surrogacy. 


We've been labeled as one of the best egg donation agencies for the following reasons:


1. Matching Expertise – 


Matching matters immensely, demonstrating that the agency has spent sufficient time and effort to pair intended parents with their ideal egg donor match. We always consider both parties' needs. 

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2. Donor Compensation - 


The amount the egg donor gets paid is an important consideration when searching for an egg donation agency. The compensation disbursed to you is for your donation, effort, time, and any inconvenience you may have incurred during the process. We hope that your compensation opens many possibilities for you. 

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3. Best Egg Donors – 


We aim to foster a donor egg pool with some of the brightest candidates. All our egg donors are motivated and healthy, eager to help intended parents start their own families. 

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4. Personal Relationships – 


We take the time and effort to get to know all our egg donors. We are an advocate for you during the process. Our case managers will spend time discussing the process and educating you about the entire process and finding your best match & we will be there for you the whole donation process & beyond.

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5. Accurate Information – 


At Rite Options, we prioritize providing up-to-date and accurate information and educational resources, as well as care management and legal guidance, to ensure a happy outcome for both parties. 


6. Diverse Egg Donor Pool – 


We have an array of donors for our intended parents. Our pool consists of donors from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds, i.e., Asian, Jewish, East Indian, European, African-American, Hispanic, etc. Certain ethnicities are in higher demand than others and will receive a higher egg donor compensation


7. Partnerships with Leading Clinics – 


Our egg donors undergo a rigorous screening process to ensure that only the best candidates are a part of the program. This has helped us earn important recognition from many fertility centers.

If you're looking to be an egg donor, you must fulfill the egg donor requirements.


Are you ready to be a part of the best egg donation agency in the United States? Get in touch with Rite Options.

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Our success Stories

I can’t thank you enough for finding us a perfect surrogate match to help us build our beautiful family. If you asked me two years ago, I would have never imagined that I would be sitting here with three perfect little girls. All of our dreams have come true... Read More


Being an egg donor with Rita has been an incredibly rewarding experience-- I can say from experience that she is above and beyond the other agencies. She's always been my advocate and made sure my needs were met. She is also very attentive to detail... Read More

Kristine R

I can't thank Rita and Rite Options enough! After 10 rounds of fertility treatment, I chose to use an donor egg. I researched several different egg donation agencies. Some seemed impersonal and most didn't have a great selections of donors.... Read More

M & J from New York

As an attorney with 11 years of experience related to egg donation, I am delighted, in fact, proud to be working with Rite Options. I have had a good deal of exposure to many agencies across the United States and I find working with Rita... Read More

Kind regards, Amy

I find myself recommending Rite Options because Rita is dedicated to making her customers happy. In dealing with other agencies, no-one compared to the excellence provided in customer service. Whenever I needed and answer, Rita answered promptly... Read More

Happy couple from New York