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Surrogate Mother Search

Rite Options can help you find a surrogate mother to help grow your family!


If you don’t know a woman who would volunteer to be your gestational carrier, then a surrogacy agency can assist you in finding a surrogate mother. Women listed as potential gestational surrogates in an agency’s database have undergone extensive pre-screening by our most qualified personnel, and in most cases, their previous pregnancy and delivery records were reviewed by fertility specialists before being approved for matches with intended parents. Our surrogacy coordinator will be providing support and guidance throughout your journey. 


Choosing a Surrogate Mother


During the planning phase, our coordinator will help determine your goals and hopes from this particular surrogacy experience. He or she will also take into account your personal preferences for the potential surrogate. Our agency helps identify potential surrogacy candidates based on your affordability, longing for involvement and contact through the process, the surrogate mother’s experience, etc. You will also be required to complete an intended parent profile that explains your goals and identity.

This profile will be shown to a potential surrogate mother without your identifiable information. After that, you will be shown a potential surrogate mother’s application without identifiable information, and if both parties agree to proceed to the next steps, a video consultation will be scheduled between the parties and your case manager. Upon a preliminary match, agency contract will be signed unless other arrangements were made and agency agreement was already signed, and all necessary steps to continue with your journey will begin. While waiting to be matched, you must also complete our screening requirements. 


Locating a Match


Once we’ve determined your surrogacy plan and you’ve met our agency’s criteria, you may be able to view prospective surrogate mother profiles. We will also present your profile to the surrogate who shares similar goals and values as you do. If both parties reciprocate interest in one another, you can take the next step in the surrogacy journey. Once both parties agree to move forward, an authorized match is declared upon a surrogate passing all medical and psychological screening with the Intended parent's fertility clinic, and both can start drafting necessary legal contracts before your surrogate can begin the injectable medication phase required for a transfer.

Your waiting period will depend on several factors. But here are some things that can minimize your wait time:

  - Stay open-minded when looking and selecting prospective surrogate profiles.

  - Be flexible in your planning, especially with the budget as this will give you access to a broader pool of candidates. 

  - Prepare a suitable intended parent profile to make the best first impression. 


Benefits of Using an Agency for finding a Surrogate Mother


A surrogacy agency like Rite Options is your best bet when planning surrogacy. Intended parents who agree to team up with our agency will enjoy the following advantages: 

  - Access to an advanced database that matches intended parents with surrogacy opportunities. 

  - Access to support and education for both surrogate mothers and intended parents.

  - Work with a boutique type of an agency where a pleasant, family-like atmosphere will provide a comprehensive and in-depth high-class service at a very affordable price. 

To learn more about the surrogate process with Rite Options.