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New Egg Donor Registration

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Welcome to Rite Options Surrogacy

If you are considering surrogacy journey in New York, you have come to the right place. We will provide you with unparallel matching and coordinating services throughout the process and beyond. 
The Child-parent Security Act (CPSA) is a law in New York State that legalized compensated gestational surrogacy as of February 15, 2021 and will now provide path to establish legal parental rights for parents who rely on assisted reproductive technology (ART) to have children. The CPSA established legal criteria for gestational surrogacy agreements to protect Intended Parents and Surrogates, undertaking their informed consent at every stage of the process. The Surrogates’ Bill of Rights ensures the right of surrogates to make their own decisions concerning many aspects of the surrogacy process. Our agency will provide you with all necessary guidelines and criteria to move forward with the Surrogacy process in NY State.

Rite Options was formed as a result of growing demand for personal and professional services for an egg donation and surrogacy services. We are firmly dedicated to our work and consider it our passion. We have served individuals and families nationwide and internationally. The key to our success is the fact that we treat everyone like we wanted to be treated ourselves. Our approach to everything that we do is very professional and yet very personal. We apply our knowledge and professionalism to everybody we work with. We work with single men, women, couples, families, gay and heterosexuals from all over the world. We are a full-service agency, from finding a perfect match to coordinating all medical, legal, and psychological and travel arrangements. We are available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can count on our professionalism, intelligence, education and a reputation we’ve earned in the family building community of being very honest, straight forward and compassionate.

We work with best fertility clinics in the US and with the most respected attorneys in the field of 3rd party reproduction. We will help in choosing the right fertility clinic and coordinate all aspects of egg donation and surrogacy process. We adhere to the standards and guidelines set by the American Society of Reproductive medicine (ASRM) and are licensed in NY State to provide Egg Donation Services.

Whether you are an egg donor, a surrogate or an intended parent, you have come to the right place. We will be honored if you choose to work with us in achieving your goal. Please call us for a free detailed consultation with our professional coordinator.

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Information For

Egg Donors

Egg Donors

Women who want to experience the joys of pregnancy may not consider surrogacy and adoption suitable options. They therefore attempt in vitro fertilization. Unlike donation and surrogacy, egg donation enables women to experience all the physical and emotional changes associated with pregnancy.

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Surrogate Mothers

Surrogate Mothers

The decision to become a surrogate mother is one that only a generous and compassionate person can make. There are several physical, legal and emotional aspects involved, so everything must be taken into account to ensure this is the best decision for you.

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Intended Parents

Intended Parents

Spending time with your spouse requires next-to-no effort. It is as easy as dropping everything and going out. Now that your entire life revolves around your new addition, you will have to put in more effort to put time aside for each other.

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Our success Stories

I can’t thank you enough for finding us a perfect surrogate match to help us build our beautiful family. If you asked me two years ago, I would have never imagined that I would be sitting here with three perfect little girls. All of our dreams have come true... Read More


Being an egg donor with Rita has been an incredibly rewarding experience-- I can say from experience that she is above and beyond the other agencies. She's always been my advocate and made sure my needs were met. She is also very attentive to detail... Read More

Kristine R

I can't thank Rita and Rite Options enough! After 10 rounds of fertility treatment, I chose to use an donor egg. I researched several different egg donation agencies. Some seemed impersonal and most didn't have a great selections of donors.... Read More

M & J from New York

As an attorney with 11 years of experience related to egg donation, I am delighted, in fact, proud to be working with Rite Options. I have had a good deal of exposure to many agencies across the United States and I find working with Rita... Read More

Kind regards, Amy

I find myself recommending Rite Options because Rita is dedicated to making her customers happy. In dealing with other agencies, no-one compared to the excellence provided in customer service. Whenever I needed and answer, Rita answered promptly... Read More

Happy couple from New York