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Success Stories

  • I can’t thank you enough for finding us a perfect surrogate match to help us build our beautiful family. If you asked me two years ago, I would have never imagined that I would be sitting here with three perfect little girls. All of our dreams have come true and we owe it all to your agency.

    I remember going through multiple rounds of IVF and thinking what are the alternatives. Cornell had recommended speaking with you and I vividly remember our first conversation. We spoke about surrogates, egg donors, and the benefits to these methods vs adoption.

    You are an expert in all of these spaces and I valued your opinion. You helped us find women that understand our needs and would be the right fit for our personalities. It is amazing how you realize after that the personality fit is key to making the relationship work.

    I am proud to say you have been our point person for the last 12 months and the end result is incredible. We have built the big family we have always wanted. We went from one child to four with your help.

    Thank you from the bottom of our heart and soul for your assistance! I wish everyone struggling with fertility can be introduced to you to understand that there are options available to get what you want.


  • Being an egg donor with Rita has been an incredibly rewarding experience-- I can say from experience that she is above and beyond the other agencies. She's always been my advocate and made sure my needs were met. She is also very attentive to detail and an amazing communicator.

    Before I donated with Rita's agency I worked with a much larger agency located in California. Not only were they very hard to get ahold of, but they often left me confused by their instructions and worried about how things were going to go. With Rita, this is never the case. She is very educated about the process and makes sure the clinic, the IPs, and the donor (myself) are all on the same page.

    Even though being a donor is a difficult process, Rita makes it as smooth and as comfortable as possible. I can't say enough good things.

    Kristine R

  • I can't thank Rita and Rite Options enough! After 10 rounds of fertility treatment, I chose to use an donor egg. I researched several different egg donation agencies. Some seemed impersonal and most didn't have a great selections of donors. When I spoke with Rita, she was very helpful and answered all of my questions thoroughly. Rite Options had a good selection of egg donors in the New York area, and many were proven donors. I am now pregnant with twins!! When I told Rita the news, she told me she felt like crying because she was so happy for me. Rita has been an excellent support for me throughout this process. She maintained great communication with me and my doctor, and ensured that the donor process went smoothly. I'm quite happy that I chose Rite Options and would highly recommend them!

    M & J from New York

  • As an attorney with 11 years of experience related to egg donation, I am delighted, in fact, proud to be working with Rite Options. I have had a good deal of exposure to many agencies across the United States and I find working with Rita, counseling her donors and facilitating the legal aspects of the matches Rite Options coordinates to be amongst the best of experiences. Rita does a tremendous job at selecting compelling donor candidates, the donors registered with Rite Options come to me informed, prepared, thoughtful about the commitment and seriousness of egg donation and generally, just impressive. I also find that the Rite Options practices and policies with respect to fees and other services to be indicative of a well-run and reliable business managed with heart and compassion.

    Kind regards, Amy

  • I find myself recommending Rite Options because Rita is dedicated to making her customers happy. In dealing with other agencies, no-one compared to the excellence provided in customer service. Whenever I needed and answer, Rita answered promptly and as many times as I had questions. The donors are not only beautiful, but I know my donor was excellent for us. We were very successful and would only use this agency if need be again. Thank you, Rita!

    Happy couple from New York