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Become an Egg Donor

Egg Donation Overview: Become An Egg Donor 

Things You Need to Know About Becoming An Egg Donor

Help somebody realize their dream of parenthood and experience true joy and giving!

By choosing to be an egg donor, you get the opportunity to expand the lives of others as well your own. Egg donation is a wonderful way of helping intended parents expand their families. Some couples also may need the help of a gestational carrier to carry their child to term.

There’s a lot of information available online on the egg donation process. To keep it simple for you, we have gathered all relevant information on egg donation and how to become an egg donor at one place.

Rite Options has conducted successful egg donation cycles and helped thousands of intended parents welcome their little one into the world.

Feel free to read ahead to get better acquainted with egg donation and how it works.

What is Egg Donation?

Starting from the basics, egg donation is the process through which a woman (an egg donor) can provide her eggs to another woman to facilitate assisted reproduction. The recipient of the donor egg can fertilize the egg with a partner or donor sperm.

In the egg donation process, the doctor first retrieves healthy eggs from a woman and then fertilizes it using the partner’s (intended father) sperm. If the intended father cannot give his sperm, the couple can use the help from a sperm donor.

Thus, with your generosity, you can help another childless couple experience parenthood. You are paid for your time, energy, and selfless help.

The primary reason to become an egg donor is the feeling of joy you get by helping someone else with the gift of life. Many couples, single parents, gay couples, etc. need the help of donated eggs to grow their family. You can help convert their dream into reality.

As an egg donor, you will get to be a part of a skilled team of professional staff. Our team of professionals will coordinate the egg donation process with the fertility clinic usually chosen by Intended Parents in a smooth and rewarding way.  We are committed to making your experience of egg donation with us successful and memorable.

You can contact our egg donation specialists to know more about the process and egg donor requirements.

How to Become an Egg Donor? 

Donating your eggs is one of the most generous and meaningful gifts you can give to someone else. It fills you with a sense of accomplishment and adds meaning to your life. The mere thought of being able to help someone else become parents is exciting and fulfilling both emotionally and financially.

When you decide to become an egg donor, you must conduct a complete research on the egg donation process and the qualities of an ideal egg donor.

If you want to help an infertile couple expand their family with the help of your donated eggs, you can contact an egg donation agency. The agency can screen your application and guide you through the decision of becoming an egg donor.

You may also get acquainted with other families who have expanded their family with the help of donor eggs.

The ideal egg donor


Egg donation is not as complex as it sounds. The idea is to retrieve eggs from a woman who has healthy ovaries and then create the embryo using IVF (In-vitro fertilization). To ensure that the eggs are healthy, egg donation agencies have certain criteria for an ideal egg donor. It generally includes:

    • Younger age (generally between 21 to 31) 
    • Healthy body weight and BMI
    • Physically and emotionally fit and healthy
    • Non-smoker and should not be using any illegal drugs
    • High education preferred – diploma holder 
    • Having a fit and healthy family 
    • Should have well-rounded interests like aiming for higher education, sports, family, arts, religion. 
    • Egg donors should be willing to commit time and energy to the process for at least six months.

Egg donation does not involve any high medical risks or procedures. The egg donation cycle i.e. from the start date to egg retrieval takes roughly 2-3 months to complete. The agency/clinic may recommend that you take daily fertility medications and injections for about 11-14 days. This is done to ensure that the body is ready to develop and grow eggs for egg retrieval. Apart from this, you will also need to complete 6-9 blood and ultrasound monitoring appointments to monitor your progress.

The egg retrieval process is not time-consuming. It takes approximately 20 minutes. You will be sedated during the retrieval and post the retrieval of eggs you should take a rest for the entire day.

Whether you want to start your journey as an egg donor to earn money for your education or a hobby, or simply to help your fellow friends conceive a baby, egg donation is a fulfilling experience. You can contact egg donation specialists at Rite Options to know more about the process.

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