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Egg Donor Requirements

Egg Donor Requirements and Qualifications

Whether you know someone who has done it, or you simply are curious to know – what are the requirements to become an egg donor?

If you’re considering becoming an egg donor, you would probably ask this question yourself as well as the egg donation agency. Several thoughts might cross your mind – Is egg donation for me? Am I capable of donating my eggs? Is it the right choice for me? What are the benefits or possible risks associated with egg donation, etc.?

Undoubtedly, egg donation is a highly generous step you can take to help an infertile couple grow their family. It can also provide you with enough funds to invest in a safe and rewarding future.

But before you can successfully register yourself as an egg donor, you need to go through several screening processes to ensure that you meet the egg donor requirements and qualifications.

Why is it important? Firstly, the agency needs to make sure that you are physically and mentally fit to donate your eggs. Secondly, the intended parents can have their own set of egg donor qualifications or requirements. Some even prefer a donor who physically resembles any of the intended parents.

Requirements to Become an Egg Donor


Agencies might screen the egg donors on several grounds – physical and mental health status, characteristics and personality traits, and some miscellaneous factors.

1. Physical and Mental Requirements

The primary requirements of an ideal egg donor are based on physical and mental health. Intended parents want their egg donor to be someone with great physical health. The quality of your health and mental state affects your reproductive organs, especially the ovaries.

• The egg donor must be a complete non-smoker. Tobacco products like cigarettes, cigars, drugs, etc. can damage the reproductive system in a female. It affects even the unfertilized eggs. As a woman, you are free to make the choices of your life. But we do not accept smokers as egg donors.

• An egg donor must be physically and psychologically fit. As an egg donor, you might have to go through several doctor appointments, fertility injections, etc. Hence, we require that the egg donor has the mental strength to bear with the process and be responsible.

• An egg donor must be in her primary childbearing age i.e. normally between 21 to 31 years of age.

2. Characteristic and Personality Traits

When you donate your eggs, you are contributing to assistive reproduction. Your eggs can play a major role in shaping the personality of the child born. There’s no doubt that the child will also inherit the qualities of the intended parents with whom s/he will spend the rest of their life. But eggs do define the genetic build-up of the child, like the height, skin color, voice, etc.

Consequently, the intended parents have a lot of choices or preferences when picking an egg donor. We look out for donors who have a great spirit and sense of generosity. Egg donation is an easy process but the path is not an easy one to follow. The retrieval of eggs takes hardly 20 minutes but before that, you need to go through a few fertility injections, blood draws, and self-administered medication. Hence, we expect our donors to be a bit tough.

3. Other Important Factors

As an egg donor, you will need to go through several doctor’s appointments. Hence, we expect our donors to have a flexible schedule. This doesn’t mean you need to be present twenty-four seven. However, when needed, you must be ready to accommodate work and other commitments.

We have a large egg donation database and hence welcome egg donors of all ethnic backgrounds, races, and religious groups. The availability of different ethnicities simplifies our work to match you up with prospective intended parents. There are also several categories or ethnicities that are in more demand. As a result, you might get paid more if you happen to fall into any of the broad categories.

Let’s quickly sum up the egg donor requirements we covered so far:

    • A healthy donor aged 21-31 years. 
    • Healthy BMI of less than 27. 
    • A non-smoker and should not be addicted to any sort of illegal drug. 
    • Degree holders get an edge over other donors. 
    • Willing to complete medical and physical tests. 
    • Willing to take medications and other fertility injections. 
    • Willing to attend mandatory monitoring appointments to check the progress. 
    • Should avoid sexual activities and other strenuous tasks for a few days as per the IVF physician’s recommendations. 
    • Be patient during the entire process which usually takes up to 60-90 days.

The ideal egg donor is a woman who believes in making others happy. Though you are financially compensated, your gesture to help someone build their family is commendable.

We welcome a diverse set of women who can register as egg donors with us. If you think you qualify the above requirements to become an egg donor, you can get in touch with us.

Feel free to contact us anytime to know more about the egg donation process and how it works. 

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