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International Surrogacy

International Surrogacy Services – Building Families Across the World

Pursuing International Surrogacy

When you decide to extend your family through surrogacy, you might face various obstacles. We make sure that location is not one of them with our International Surrogacy Services. 

We provide International surrogacy services to intended parents living in the United States as well as outside our nation’s borders. Many intended parents are apprehensive of pursuing international surrogacy, but with Rite Options, you have nothing to worry about. 

We believe that no matter which part of the world you live in, you have a complete right to extend your family. Our passion is helping people build families and we are all set to help you realize your dream.

Based in the US, we work with intended parents from all over the world. Our comprehensive surrogate matching service brings intended parents across the world together with surrogates from the US. We ensure that the process is secure and abides by international surrogacy laws.

We have worked with many international intended parents who pursued surrogacy in the US. We work with single parents, LGBT couples, and infertile couples, who want to extend their family through surrogacy.

We provide the same level of professional services to international intended parents as would provide to any domestic intended parents.


Difference between International and Domestic Surrogacy


The major concerns lie across – communication between the intended parents and the surrogate agency/surrogate, location and local surrogacy laws. We understand your concern as it is very difficult to trust a woman or a surrogate agency located thousands of miles away from you to bring your child into the world. Physically, you will not be able to contribute or be present during the entire surrogacy.

But despite the obstacles, international surrogacy is very much similar to domestic surrogacy. You will not feel the difference if you choose the best surrogacy agency to work with. In International surrogacy, all the steps of surrogacy remain the same including the screening, surrogate matching, and embryo transfer. You don’t have to worry about the surrogate matching as we have a long list of potential surrogates who are happily willing to work with international intended parents. The only difference is that it involves more legal processes and it might involve translation services which we can provide as well as buying new-born insurance for your child once it is born and until you bring your child back to your country.  The legal laws related to surrogacy are different in different parts of the world. Hence, we recommend that you work with your own local attorney who can handle the legal formalities in your country and we will refer you to the proper legal attorney in the US as well. We can help you find legal representatives through our referrals locally and abroad.

The communication part will be taken care of with all-time availability of our surrogacy specialists via phone, email, text, skype, or even in-person if you happen to visit the US.


Why Choose Rite Options for International Surrogacy?


International surrogacy can be a complex process. You have to understand the legalities involved in the process, risks, probabilities, and other important aspects related to American international surrogacy. When considering international surrogacy, you have to take into account factors that can restrict surrogacy with local laws – surrogacy is completely banned in your country, or your state laws might restrict surrogacy for gay couples.

The best way is to choose an agency that offers specific programs for international parents, like Rite Options.  We will help you with the following:


  • Connect with qualified and screened American surrogates.

  • We follow safe, legal, and ethical surrogacy practices.

  • Work with a lawyer who can handle legal issues concerning international intended parenting so you can legally and securely return home with your baby.

  • We will be here for you and your surrogate throughout the whole process

  • We will help you arrange connections with your surrogate over video calls during sonography and regular medical check-ups throughout the entire pregnancy.

  • We will arrange Translator services if needed.

  • We will refer and guide you to insurance brokers for your new-born insurance purchase as well as to surrogate coverage insurance agents if needed.


Overall, we ensure we are with you every step of the way. The differences in language and culture should not stop you from taking this big leap towards the future of your family. Even though you are not physically present with the surrogate for most of the process, we make sure that you are uninterruptedly connected to your surrogate and your baby. Your communication preferences and timings can be managed while signing the legal contract.

Whether you live in the US or any other country, explore international surrogacy as a means to extend your family. With our wide experience in international surrogacy laws and processes, we will simplify the process for you.

Are you ready for this promising jump to grow your family? Do you want to know more about international surrogacy laws or other related matters? Contact our surrogacy specialists now and get answers to all your queries. 

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