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LGBT Surrogacy

Same-Sex Parenting - Surrogacy for LGBT Couples


Same-Sex Couples’ Surrogacy Process

Thinking of becoming a parent as an LGBT single or a couple? The decision can both be exciting and nerve-cracking. Like other intended parents, you might also ask yourself whether you can be a good parent or not. Apart from this basic parenting doubt, you might also think about whether the decision to raise the child with same-sex parents will impact his/her life or not. 

Surrogacy is a great option for LGBT couples or singles who want to extend their family while being genetically connected to their children. Gay and Lesbian couples or singles who cannot carry or conceive a pregnancy can do so with help from a surrogate mother or an egg donor. 

The process of in-vitro fertilization, egg donation, gestational carrier, etc. will be the same as in the case of other intended parents. However, LGBT couples including same-sex couples need to decide upon a few more factors before they say ‘Yes’ to surrogacy:

  •  The decision between a known and anonymous donor: In most cases, choosing an anonymous or a known egg donor through an agency is recommended. But, same-sex couples can choose a known egg donor through family and friends as well. For example, intended fathers (in the case of Gay couples) can choose to combine the sperm of one partner with eggs from a close relative of the other partner. This way both the intended parents are biologically linked to the child. 

  •  Deciding the one who will be genetically related to the child: LGBT couples face the issue of choosing one partner who solely will be genetically related to the child. Same-sex parents need to decide whose sperm will be used in the process. To give a fair opportunity, many same-sex couples choose to fertilize multiple eggs for fertilization using both partners’ sperm. 


Laws Related to LGBT Parenting


Various researches have shown that there are no differences between opposite-sex and same-sex parenting. Children who grew up in same-sex-parent families are as happy as those who are raised by opposite-sex couples.

Every state has its own surrogacy laws. Some states do not allow surrogacy at all while others recognize surrogacy for opposite-sex couples while same-sex couples have to go through a stringent process to be legally recognized as the parent of the child. Depending on state to state, same-sex couples may have to get additional certificates like pre-birth order, post-birth, step-parent adoption, full-adoption, or a second-parent adoption certificate before they can call themselves the legal parents of the child. 

When you decide to become a lesbian or gay adoptive parent, you must always seek out the help of professional same-sex parenting agencies, who will guide you through all the legal formalities. A surrogacy professional is aware of the local laws related to LGBT parenting and surrogacy for gay couples. 

Contact a surrogacy agency now to discuss the possibilities of LGBT surrogacy and the local laws related to it. 


Surrogacy for Gay Couples – Advantages and Disadvantages


While there is no evidence against the drawbacks of being a Gay parent, some people oppose the idea of same-sex parenting. As you move ahead with your decision to extend your family through surrogacy, you must be ready to face various challenges and address them positively.


Advantages of Surrogacy for LGBT Couples:

  • Surrogacy is an effective way to extend your family and fulfill your dream of becoming a parent. 

  • Unlike adoption, surrogacy allows you to be biologically related to the child. Gays and lesbian couples can give their own sperms or eggs in the surrogacy process

  • Surrogacy allows you to coordinate with the surrogate and get involved in the childbearing process emotionally. So, you may not actually give birth to your child but experience the child-birth by being emotionally connected to the surrogate. 

  • Many surrogate mothers lookout for LGBT couples to help them extend families which are otherwise not possible for same-sex couples. 


Disadvantages of Surrogacy for LGBT Couples: 

  • The major disadvantage is the law related to LGBT parenting and same-sex parenting. Luckily, the law varies from state to state. 

  • The cost of surrogacy is very high. Financing options may be available. 

Despite the disadvantages, surrogacy is a boon for same-sex couples and LGBT intended parents. This is your chance to welcome a new member to your family and add meaning to your life. 

Our recommendation is to find the right and open-minded surrogacy professional who knows what is right for you and will simplify the surrogacy and adoption process for you. 


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