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Using a Surrogate



Using gestational surrogacy to become parents is a form of third-party parenting. In gestational surrogacy, a woman lends her womb to the pregnancy process on behalf of intended parents who otherwise wouldn’t be able to have children. The gestational surrogate shares no genetic connection with the baby she is carrying.  

The other form of surrogacy is traditional. The traditional surrogate carries the baby for someone else and also gives her eggs. At Rite Options, we facilitate the process of using a gestational surrogacy for intended parents through the provision of various necessary services such as:


-    Egg and or Sperm Donation

-    In Vitro Fertilization

-    Counseling


We recommend gestational surrogacy because it enables the mother to separate herself emotionally from the child. As intended parents, if you prefer to share a biological link, either both or just one parent, with your baby, then consider using a gestational surrogate mother. This has fewer psychological and legal conflicts than traditional surrogacy. 


When using a surrogate is necessary?


Intended parents consider gestational surrogacy for many reasons. For instance, if you are a single man or gay couple, gestational surrogacy will provide you with the chance of sharing a biological link with your baby. 

For women, a fertility doctor may advise you not to have a pregnancy and suggest using a gestational carrier due to medical concerns/issues. Women who require gestational surrogacy services are those who might:


-    Not have a uterus (including single men, gay couples)

-    Have a medical condition which precludes them from a natural pregnancy

-    Have experienced several failed IVF cycles

-    Have suffered several miscarriages

-    Have an irregular uterine cavity


If an individual requires help from a gestational carrier, our coordinators can facilitate this process. We assist intended parents with selecting a gestational carrier which fits their requirements and provides valuable guidance and support for the entire duration of this life-changing journey. This includes setting up meetings with your surrogate, facilitating schedules for both parties, coordinating medical appointments, setting up legal contracts with attorneys who specialize in reproductive law, etc. 

If you’re thinking about using gestational surrogate services, please get in touch with Rite Options