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Surrogate Mother Requirements

Qualifications of a Surrogate Mother

With surrogacy becoming popular, people are keen to learn more about why a couple needs a surrogate mother to carry their child and what are the requirements to become a surrogate mother. Many are surprised at how intense and regulated is the process of a surrogate mother.

Being aware of the surrogate mother requirements is important for the woman who commits to being a surrogate mother, as well as the intended parents. It makes sure that the surrogate mother and the intended parents go through a safe and legal process of surrogacy


Who is a Surrogate?


A surrogate is a woman who agrees to bear a child for another couple either through traditional surrogacy process or through the gestational process.

A gestational carrier does not have a genetic link to the child she is carrying in her womb. The embryo is created using the eggs of a donor and the sperm of the intended father (some couples also use donor sperm). The developed embryo is then placed in the uterus of the surrogate who then bears the child for 8-9 months of pregnancy.

Becoming a surrogate is a beautiful journey and rewarding experience for the surrogate as well as her family. Still, the process requires careful planning and thought.

When you decide to bear a child for another couple, you get the opportunity to create a beautiful relationship with the couple who are hoping on becoming parents and trusting you with the responsibility of bringing their child into the world.

It’s a path full of ups and downs.

Are you looking to start your journey as a surrogate? You may be surprised to know that even after being healthy and physically fit, your surrogate application may be rejected. Why? Surrogacy is just not about carrying someone’s child. It is a physical, mental, and psychological journey. As such, you must be physically, mentally, and psychologically prepared for the journey.


What are the Requirements to Become a Surrogate?


If you’re considering becoming a surrogate, you must meet certain surrogate qualifications or requirements.

Surrogate mother requirements might vary from agency to agency. But the common grounds on which your surrogacy application is screened can be divided into two subsections – physical requirements and psychological requirements.

1.Physical Requirements for Surrogates

As a woman, you understand the physical risks and challenges associated with pregnancy. The fact that you’re carrying it for someone else, does not take away the level of risks and precautions you must take during the entire phase of pregnancy. 

When you apply for becoming a surrogate, the agency ensures that you are physically fit and capable of carrying a child without putting yourself in any risk.

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine has also set guidelines and recommendations for surrogate requirements. Every agency might set its own set of guidelines as well. Overall, some of the basic standards that all agencies require from their surrogate are:

-Physically fit with a healthy BMI as required by the physician. Aged between 21 and 40. 

-Must have carried at least one successful pregnancy to term. 

-No major health issues and risks or complications in any of the previous pregnancies. 

-Should not be taking any anti-depressants or similar medications for at least 12 months. 

-Non-smoker and must be living in a non-smoking home. 

-No history of clinical medical ailments.

2.Psychological Requirements for Surrogates 

If you think being physically fit is enough to be a surrogate, you’re mistaken. Surrogacy agencies also require surrogate applicants to go through psychological screening. Even your husband can be asked to participate with you in the psychological screening.

Psychological tests are important to prepare you for the challenges and uncertainties of the process. It also helps the agency to understand your objective of being a surrogate and whether you are prepared for the mental strain. As a surrogate, you might be asked to visit the hospital for several tests and examinations. Many women get irked within a few hospital rounds.

When you begin the surrogate journey, you’re committing a life to the intended parents. You should be prepared to let go of your time and energy to help others become parents. 
To qualify for the process, you must be prepared to meet a surrogacy professional who will explain to you more about the process. He will also set up your meeting with a professional psychologist to know about your emotional and mental well-being.


Surrogate Mother Requirements - The Final Steps


After the initial rounds of physical and psychological rounds, the agency might set up your meeting with a surrogacy professional. This is done to allow you to clear your remaining doubts on surrogacy. The agency representative might also visit your home to analyze the living standard and financial stability.

Once you match with any of the screened intended parents, you might need to complete one last medical screening. All these tests are done to ensure that there is no health risk for you and the child. You might be asked to sign the surrogacy contract as you begin the journey.

Want to know more about surrogate mother requirements?

Speak with a surrogacy professional now and decide whether surrogacy is right for you and your family or not. 

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