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Surrogacy in New York

Gestational Surrogacy in New York


Rite Options Surrogacy is excited to announce that we are licensed for surrogacy in the state of New York. Rite Options Surrogacy already works with many intended parents from all parts of NY. The passing of this law and our licensure allows intended parents to use their fertility clinics in New York, match with gestational carriers from New York. This law will offer protections for surrogates and give intended parents support to all families that rely on medical advances to have children.

If you’re considering parenthood through surrogacy in New York, you must have given it a deep thought. Surrogacy is a remarkable way to enrich the lives of Intended parents, helping them grow their families.


Surrogacy for Intended Parents 


Intended Parents looking to build their families can consult fertility centers to get the right surrogate match. Besides, you should fulfill the criteria and abide by the guidelines stated in the law. To attain parenthood through surrogacy, here’re the essential requirements. 

  • One of the Intended Parents should be a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident.

  • One of the Intended Parents should be a New York state resident for at least six months.

  • Intended Parents can be either single, married, or intimate partners.

  • Adult spouses, who aim at becoming the Intended Parents, must enter into a Surrogacy agreement jointly unless living separately or pursuant to a written Agreement of Separation.

  • Intended Parents are required to submit the document containing information about living separately and apart for at least three years before the execution of the surrogacy agreement.

  • Should have been represented by independent legal counsel to negotiate the contract throughout its duration.


How to Find a Surrogate Mother in New York?


Intended parents who live in New York can embrace parenthood by finding a surrogate that matches their needs. They can consult IVF doctors and fertility clinics, find a surrogacy agency, or do research online to find more about finding a surrogate mother in New York. They can seek help from other Intended Parents who have recently been through the surrogacy journey as parents. You can find surrogates from different backgrounds, ages, and sexual orientations who can help you build a family of your own.


What Does It Cost to Use a Surrogate Mother in New York?


The cost and compensation of a surrogate mother in New York depend on the agency fee, surrogate’s health evaluation, surrogate’s legal consultation, escrow management fee, and compensation package. Many agencies offering surrogacy opportunities determine the surrogate cost and compensation packages depending on the state they live in if they have insurance, their experience in surrogacy, etc. 


Surrogacy Law for Intended Parents


In New York, compensated surrogacy has been made legal since February 2021. The Child-Parent Security Act (CPSA) established norms that apply to gestational surrogacy. The CPSA act is marriage and gender-neutral. Any single intended parent and married or unmarried couples (same-sex and different-sex) can obtain a court order that declares them the only legal parent of the child. 

Both the parties to a surrogacy agreement must be given written notice of the Surrogate’s Bill of Rights upon consulting with a surrogacy matching program. Besides, both the parties to the surrogacy agreement in New York must be represented by independent legal counsel licensed in the state of New York for negotiations and execution purposes.


LGBTQ Surrogacy in New York


The Gestational Surrogacy Law allows LGBT+ New Yorkers and same-sex couples struggling with fertility to start a family. Previously, the law denied freedom for gestational surrogacy because of archaic laws. In a recent development, several organizations and fertility centers are helping same-sex couples with fostering and adoption process. According to the law, LGBTQ surrogacy must cover insurance coverage for same-sex couples concerning IVF, surrogacy, and other fertility treatments.


Single Parent Surrogacy in New York


In New York, surrogacy laws are similar for single parents and couples who are focusing on growing their families through the surrogacy process. However, in case of the single-parent surrogacy, the IVF process is used to create an embryo to be carried to term by a surrogate mother. Single intended parents can identify a potential donor and carry out the surrogacy process as applicable for intended parents.

At Rite Options, our team has helped many Intended parents and surrogates through successful surrogacy arrangements. If you’re planning to build your family through the surrogacy process, please reach out to us for a free detailed consultation. We will be happy to assist you!


To Inquire more about recent surrogacy state laws and regulations please contact Rite Options.

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