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New Jersey Surrogate Mothers

Gestational Surrogacy Services in New Jersey

Pursuing gestational surrogacy can be a smooth process when you have the support of a surrogacy agency. The state of New Jersey prohibits gestational surrogacy contracts. Intended parents must work closely with a Surrogacy Agency to find a suitable surrogate mother who lives in a country where gestational surrogacy is legal. Rite Options, the leading surrogacy agency in New Jersey works closely with intended parents living in New Jersey to see them as an ideal surrogacy candidate.

Surrogacy laws vary immensely across the United States, other states or abroad. Our case managers will work tirelessly to match you with some of the best surrogate mothers according to the criteria you prefer, i.e., educational requirements, age, ethnicity, etc. Our managers will also assist in coordinating meetings as well as appointments between surrogates and intended parents, and this will provide a stress-free, smooth and memorable surrogacy journey for both parties. 

The Rite Options team can also help you locate attorneys who specialize in reproductive law, fertility clinics, sperm and or egg donors, reproductive endocrinologists, etc. 


Potential Surrogate Mother Requirements 


To become a surrogate mother in New Jersey, your application must meet the following criteria:


-    Age is between 21 and 42 years

-    Have a BMI ranging from 18 to 32 

-    Not receiving government financial aid

-    Have given birth and raised at least one child

-    Had previous uncomplicated pregnancy/delivery with medical documentation to support these facts.

-    A non-smoker residing in a non-smoking household

-    No prior history of criminal behavior

-    No previous history of mental illness

-    Have a responsible and stable lifestyle

-    You and your partner must consent to psychological testing

-    Financially stable


Get in touch with Rite Options today to make your gestational surrogacy in NJ, a positive experience.