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How to Become a Surrogate Mother in New York?

How to Be a Surrogate Mother in New York?


If you live in New York state and are interested in becoming a gestational surrogate, you’ve come to the right place!

Getting Started as a Surrogate

Women in New York can begin to Apply Now to be Gestational Surrogates!. Women who are considering surrogacy aims at contributing to enriching the lives of the Intended Parents. They understand the significance of having a family and want to help Intended parents embrace parenthood who cannot build a family on their own. The surrogacy process, by large, depends on the partners involved and their surrogacy preferences. 


Surrogacy Law for Surrogates in New York 


The Gestational Surrogacy Law in New York, legalized on February 15, 2021, establishes legal criteria for gestational surrogacy agreements to protect Intended Parents and surrogates, undertaking their informed consent at every stage of the process. The Surrogates’ Bill of Rights ensures the right of surrogates to make their own decisions concerning their health, i.e., a surrogate can decide if she wants to continue or terminate a pregnancy. Besides, surrogates should have access to comprehensive health insurance benefits to ensure safety during the surrogacy process.


How to Become a Surrogate in New York? 


These are a few terms and conditions that surrogates need to follow to enter into a surrogacy contract in New York.


Understand the surrogacy law in New York:


You should abide by all the terms and conditions stated in the Gestational Surrogacy Law that allows gestational carriers and Intended parents to enter into an enforceable gestational contract and follow it throughout the process. 


Meet the surrogacy requirements: 


To become a successful surrogate in New York, you must meet the requirements established by your surrogacy professional, designed around securing the interest of surrogates concerning their physical and emotional health. One of the prime conditions for gestational surrogates is to remain medically, physically, and emotionally prepared to undertake the process of surrogacy. 


Surrogate Mother Requirements


To become a surrogate mother in New York, you should fulfill the below-defined criteria:

  • Should be at least 21 years of age

  • Be Height and weight appropriate (BMI below 32) Compute BMI

  • Have experienced a full-term pregnancy and delivery at least once

  • Have raised and lived with at least one child

  • Have never been convicted of a felony

  • Not presently smoke

  • Not take any illegal drugs

  • Never been treated for drug or alcohol abuse

  • Be willing to refrain from alcohol throughout the medical process and pregnancy

  • Not have any sexually transmitted diseases that would put at risk you or the child you are carrying to a physical harm

  • Not be on any psychiatric medications or posses any psychiatric illnesses

  • Should be a U.S. citizen or a lawful permanent resident

  • You should have carried at least one pregnancy successfully and had no major complications in previous pregnancies.

  • Should complete the medical evaluation with a Healthcare practitioner

  • Should have given fully informed consent to become a surrogate

  • Should have comprehensive health insurance policy to cover pregnancy (the insurance can be purchased by the Intended Parents)

  • Should have a life insurance policy that is in effect before taking medication or medical procedure to facilitate the embryo transfer

  • Should be represented by New York legal counsel for negotiation and execution of the contract 

  • Live in a stable home environment

  • Not be on public assistance

  • Be willing to go through and pass the background check

  • Not have any tattoos or piercing done in the last 12 months

  • Be able to provide medical records from previous deliveries with contact info of all prior OBGYN

  • Be willing to take all necessary injections or medications prescribed by a fertility specialist or an OBGYN during your surrogacy process

  • Be willing to adhere to all contractual obligations as a surrogate

  • Have a driver’s license and a reliable transportation

  • Understand that you cannot move to another state during your surrogacy process

  • Understand that this process is very serious and Intended parents are relying on you being honest, trustworthy, mature and committed to comply with all instructions

  • Enjoy being pregnant and willing to help others create their own family


Surrogate Mother Compensation in New York


The cost and compensation of a surrogate are decided considering factors like their experience, health evaluation, the state they live in, and if they have insurance covered. This may include or exclude travel, insurance, and other expenses. We understand that each surrogate is different, and Rite Options Surrogate compensation packages are customizable and flexible. 

A first-time carrier in an eligible state with insurance can earn a base fee of $40,000-$60,000 plus additional benefits. While a experienced surrogate in a high-demand state like New York with insurance can receive a base fee of $80,000 plus additional benefits. Please call to learn more about additional bonus compensations.


You may speak with the Rite Options team in more detail about your compensation.

At Rite Options, a trusted surrogacy agency, we strive to offer a generous surrogate mother compensation package, keeping in mind the significance of the process. The surrogates are timely paid with additional compensation and benefits, including travel and medical expenses.


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