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FAQs for Intended Parents

Frequently Asked Questions for Intended Parents 

General FAQs for Intended Parents

Surrogacy is a complex process. It is not an easy decision to make for any intended parents who need to go through this process. Intended parents may have many doubts or questions related to the surrogacy process.

We, as your surrogacy guides and professionals are always there to answer your queries related to the process. Find answers to major surrogacy FAQs here. 

  • What is Surrogacy? What is the difference between traditional and gestational surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a legal and social agreement between intended parents and surrogate mothers wherein a woman (the surrogate) agrees to bear a child for another person in exchange for a fee. The intended parents have legal rights on the child.

Surrogacy is broadly classified under two labels – Traditional and Gestational surrogacy.

In traditional surrogacy, the surrogate mother is artificially inseminated by an anonymous donor or by the intended father. In this scenario, both the surrogate and the intended father is genetically related to the child.

In Gestational surrogacy, an egg is taken from an anonymous donor or the intended mother and fertilized with the sperm of an anonymous donor or the intended father. The embryo is then transferred to a surrogate who will carry the baby to term. In this scenario, the child is genetically related to one of the intended parents or both, but not to the surrogate. This is very popular in lesbian couples, as it allows one woman to contribute her eggs while the other can carry the child. It is also a great option for gay couples, singles and heterosexual couples where an intended mother is unable to carry a child herself due to medical issues.

  • How long does the surrogacy process take or can take?

It generally takes three months to clear the medical procedures and tests and in preparing the embryo transfer (in case of gestational surrogacy). The pregnancy lasts for 9 months. Overall, the surrogacy process takes nearly 12 to 15 months.

  • Who can pursue surrogacy?

Surrogacy is subjected to state laws related to surrogacy and egg donation. Most of the states have their own surrogacy laws. Surrogacy can be pursued by those intended parents who cannot carry or conceive a child through a natural process. It can be because of age-related or any other biological reason. Surrogacy is a viable option for LGBT couples and single parents as well.

  • What is a surrogate matching service?

Finding a surrogate is a very crucial process. You are emotionally and mentally connected to the surrogate mother as she will carry your child.   We will find and match intended parents with a surrogate based on industry standards/guidelines, your and your clinic’s required criteria.

  • Are intended parents also screened?

Yes, this ensures that all parties are physically, emotionally, and mentally prepared for surrogacy. Intended parents are required to disclose their social and medical history, background, any critical information, etc. As an intended parent, you must not hide anything from your surrogacy agency and your clinic that might later pose a challenge in the process.

  • Can I work with a known surrogate?

Yes, you can. However, taking the agency route is recommended to ensure that you get proper guidance and support during the surrogacy process.

  • How much does the entire process of surrogacy cost?

Surrogacy costs vary from agency to agency. It depends on a number of factors including the type of surrogacy you have decided to pursue, the surrogate you work with, the required services, etc.

The surrogacy costs generally include agency fees and variable expenses like surrogate compensation and medical expenses. While the agency fee is static and set by the agency, variable expenses can vary. Most surrogacy processes fall between the range of $100,000 to $140,00. 

  • What is the success rate of surrogacy?

The success rate of surrogacy is directly related to the IVF clinic you are working with. The health of the embryo and the fertility and medical history of the surrogate are the major contributing factors for the success of surrogacy.

  • Can I contact and meet the surrogate mother?

Yes, you can! The intended parents are emotionally, physically, and mentally attached to the surrogate and hence they can meet her as many times they want. Establishing a friendly and long-term relationship with the surrogate mother will help the intended parents to receive complete support even after the child birth.

  • Does the surrogate have any parental rights on my child?

The right of the surrogate will depend on the type of surrogacy you go through. In traditional, surrogate mother is biologically related to the child as she uses her own eggs in the process and also carries the baby in the womb. In this case, the parental rights of the surrogate need to be legally terminated when the child is born.

However, in gestational surrogacy, intended parents are most of the time biologically linked to the child. The surrogate has no biological link with the child; she just has to carry the embryo.

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