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FAQs for Egg Donors

Frequently Asked Questions for Egg Donors

General FAQs for Egg Donors

We appreciate your decision to become an egg donor and help another couple realize their dream of parenthood. When you embark on the journey, it is obvious to be anxious about the process, what it takes, the associated risks, etc.

To help you with your doubts, we compiled a list of commonly asked questions on egg donation.

1. What is Egg Donation? 
Egg donation is a process through which a woman donates her eggs to another woman – usually, the one who cannot conceive a child on her own, to conceive a child through assistive reproduction. The embryo is created using In-vitro fertilization (IVF) using the sperm of the intended father or the donor, as the case may be.

2. Who are the recipients? 
Recipients include infertile couples who are not able to naturally conceive a child. A woman may not be able to conceive using her own eggs due to many reasons – age, early menopause, unhealthy eggs, cancer treatments, or other ailments that damaged the ovaries. The couple can also hire a gestational carrier if the intended mother cannot carry the child in her womb. The Intended parents can also be a single male or a single female or an LGBTQ family.

3. How can I become an egg donor? 
You can contact an egg donation agency. To get you started, the agency may ask you to fill out a questionnaire online or by mail and mail it to their team. Once your application is received, it is screened for egg donor requirements. You can contact our team to know more about our egg donation programs to become an egg donor.

4. What are the requirements to become an egg donor?
Every agency and intended parents can set individual criteria for egg donor qualifications and requirements. You will be required to fill a questionnaire asking necessary details like background, family history, personal history, hobbies, etc. Once the filled questionnaire is received, you might need to go through screening appointments with psychologists and genetic counselors. General set of requirements for being an egg donor include:
    • Younger age (21 to 31 years). 
    • Healthy BMI (Less than 27).
    • Non-smoker and no history of drug intake. 
    • Should not have any medical ailments that can affect the reproductive organs. 
    • Should be willing to take prescribed medications. 
    • Should be patient and cooperative. 

5. What is egg donor compensation? 
Every agency sets its own range to compensate the egg donors. Egg donors belonging to broader and more demanded category, are paid higher. The medical screening before the egg donation process begins is generally free of cost.

Contact our team to know the compensation of an egg donor.

6. Will I be able to have children in the future? 
Every woman is born with about 2 million eggs. The egg donation has no impact on your fertility and ability to conceive in the future. Every month, the body releases eggs for maturation but selects only one egg each cycle to ovulate. In the egg donation process, medications are given to stimulate the ovary and produce extra eggs that would otherwise be ordinarily depleted. The normal pool of ovarian follicles is not depleted during the egg retrieval.

7. Do I need to adopt any lifestyle changes? 
Not much. You just need to follow the instructions of the physician. However, you must take out time for mandatory appointments and monitoring. You must also arrange for a friend or any family member to accompany you home once the egg retrieval is complete or if there is no one to accompany you, our agency will make specific arrangements and assure you are accompanied by someone after the retrieval; you might feel a little dizzy for a day. You can continue going to work and school, but be a little flexible with your schedule.

8. Are there any egg donor medications? 
The physician will recommend medications over the course of approximately two weeks. You might also be required to self-inject fertility medication daily on the skin. Generally, three sets of hormones are infused – first, to prevent ovulation, second, to produce follicles, and the third to mature the eggs and induce ovulation. To know more about visit egg donor medications page.

9. How much time does it take? 
The entire process of egg donation can take up to 60 to 90 days including the initial screening process until the retrieval of the eggs.

10. Are there any restrictions? 
Yes. The chances of you getting pregnant during the process are high due to the injections of fertility medications. Hence, you must abstain from sexual intercourse during the period and avoid any unwanted pregnancies.

11. What are my responsibilities as an egg donor?
As an egg donor, you are responsible for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, following doctor’s instruction, taking your fertility injections and other medications on time, and to timely appear for appointments and monitoring.

12. Can I donate my eggs more than once? 
Yes. If your first egg donation cycle is successful, we are more than happy to welcome you back.

Couldn’t find what you were looking for? Feel free to contact us to know more about the egg donation process. 

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