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Rite Options is proud to partner with egg donors across the United States. As a leading NY Egg Donation Agency, we believe our donors are special people who deserve the best compensation amount for their generous and selfless contribution.


Rite Options conducts intense screening procedures before a woman can join our Egg Donation program. These donor requirements help ensure a healthy and positive experience for the donor and intended parents, but it’s also a vital part of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines. The FDA supervises all egg donor programs and necessitates us to ask specific questions about your sexual history, health history, and other health issues. These are an important aspect of the donor qualification process.


To qualify for our egg donor agency program, you must:


Be between 21 and 30 years

Be in sound mental, physical and emotional health

Have a healthy BMI; being neither underweight or overweight

Do not smoke

Have regular menstrual periods

Not be on Depo-Provera for at least 6 months

Able to self-administer injectable meds

Willing to take psychological and medical evaluation

Be free from sexually transmitted diseases for the past year (12 months)

No previous history of illegal drug use

Refrain from obtaining body piercings or tattoos for 12 months before initiating egg donation and during the egg donation procedure

Available for IVF appointments

Able to commit for at least six months


Egg donors can only donate for up to six donations in their lifetime. This requires strict adherence to guidelines set by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

If you are a woman who wants to help others fulfill their dreams of becoming a parent, then you need to contact Rite Options donor egg agency. We maintain our donors’ anonymity unless both the intended parents and the donor agree to something else.


Join our egg donation program today. Get in touch with Rite Options.