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Cost Of Egg Donation Process

Cost Of Egg Donation Process for the Intend Parents

Low-cost egg donation to make your parenting dreams a reality! 


Many intended parents who come to Rite Options ask us about the cost of donor eggs for their journey. Although the exact egg donor cost varies according to the selection criteria that the intended parents have as well as the medical procedures involved, the average price range for egg donation lies between $30,000 to $70,000. This cost also includes the donor egg compensation, donor egg program fees, legal expenses, cost of using fertility treatments and IVF as well as extra expenses such as travel, drawing up agreements, etc. 

At Rite Options, we’re committed to safeguarding your emotional and financial investment. As a result, we pride ourselves in offering a platform that supports financial security and transparency. During the initial consultation, our case manager will provide you with a comprehensive egg donor price schedule.


The general breakdown of our egg donation agency costs are as follows:


-    Egg Donor’s Compensation

   Psychological Screening for the Donor

-    Donor Travel or Other Expenses

-    Donor Insurance

-    Legal Fees

-    Egg Donor Agency Fees


Rite Options aims to estimate expenses and additional costs carefully. However please be aware that these costs might fluctuate and our fees may be subject to change. For instance, if you’re searching for a donor with specific requirements which are also in high demand, the cost may be higher.

We try to find the best egg donor match possible, according to the criteria you wish to seek. Our case managers will guide and support you with this decision and throughout the whole process of donation & beyond.

For more information about Rite Options’egg donation costs, fees or general information about the egg donation process, please get in touch with us. 


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