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About Us

About Rite Options

We are an agency where family creation options begin!
Rite Options is a global, premier donor and surrogacy agency. Our mission is to assist aspiring parents to grow their family, by providing thoughtful guidance and support throughout their journey, hand in hand with their own medical team. We combine our professionalism with compassion and personal touch to help our clients achieve their dream of becoming a parent.
When aspiring parents, couples or singles, want to achieve their dreams of raising a child, we welcome you to embark on this beautiful journey with us. Our compassionate, organized and highly experienced team will be with you every step of the way. The journey will start with us helping to find an ideal match for you and your personally selected egg donor or surrogate. We are proud of our extensive selection of wonderful donors, who were personally chosen by our team to meet our high standards on health, education and personal appeal. Along the way our efficient yet personal hands-on approach, as well as effective communication among all parties, ensures that clients of the Rite Options family achieve an individualized and fulfilling experience. 

Egg Donation
Rite Options is a reputable egg donor agency with a unique screening process which adheres to the standards and guidelines of American society of Reproductive Medicine. When recruiting an egg donor our thoughtful research focuses on broad selection criteria that includes the donor's healthy lifestyle, as well as a thorough review of the donor's family medical history.  We personally select donors with high standards not only in health, but also pleasant personalities, sense of commitment, and education. Our wonderful and beautiful egg donors can be of exceptional beauty, most are college students and graduates with excellent academic records, some already attending medical, dental or Ivy League schools. Additionally, our extensive and impressive egg donor database includes donors with diverse ethnicity and different religious background. We expertly cater to your needs and offer customized egg donor search to fulfill your specific requests.
Our professional team treats every egg donor in our program with outmost respect and provides guidance and personal attention throughout the entire process. Our case managers have extensive experience in the fertility industry and are attentive, compassionate and responsive. At Rite Options we are proud of having built a collaborative network of healthcare and legal professionals. We possess solid knowledge of the industry, and steadfastly maintain compliance with all regulations. Our team is highly respected and known in the fertility industry and have strong relationships with IVF doctors and fertility centers throughout the United States.

We are full-service provider for those entering or planning to enter the surrogacy process. We coordinate with industry professionals that include attorneys, psychologists, and insurance providers to make the journey for the intended parents and their chosen surrogate as stress-free and easy as possible. 
We recruit surrogates who fall under the guidelines of acceptance by fertility clinics. We facilitate screening of every party to ensure that they are physically, mentally and emotionally ready for the process. Our successful results find the most suitable match between our aspiring parents and their chosen ideal surrogate, within the framework that satisfies the clinic and our client.  

We understand the stress and pain of every individual when trying to build a family against the odds. And we admire and praise their courage and will be there for everyone involved every step of the way. Our dedicated team works with clients from all backgrounds, whether it is an LGBT couple, a single man or woman, a heterosexual couple, or interracial couple. Whether you are from the US, or from Europe where the regulatory environment is less friendly to your needs. No matter what background or lifestyle, our clients find our boutique personalized service to be an ideal fit for their needs, and we repeatedly receive praise and excellent reviews and commendations from both, our joyful parents and the network of our partnering doctors and attorneys. 

International clients
We are a global agency, and work with clients in the continental US, as well as Europe, China, Australia, Dubai, New Zealand, Mexico, Israel, Russia, Ukraine and many other countries. For international clients we can provide travel concierge services, as well as language translation assistance. Members of our team are fluent in many languages including Russian, Spanish, etc.  Services for international clients include a wide range of attorney and newborn insurance alliances that handle all legal paperwork associated with visa and passport, to ensure proper logistics in bringing your child/children back to home country. 

At Rite Options, we are committed to providing professional service, and our personal best, to help our world-wide clients fulfill their dreams. We passionately work towards our vision, and strive to be known and loved locally and globally.

Our success Stories

I can’t thank you enough for finding us a perfect surrogate match to help us build our beautiful family. If you asked me two years ago, I would have never imagined that I would be sitting here with three perfect little girls. All of our dreams have come true... Read More


Being an egg donor with Rita has been an incredibly rewarding experience-- I can say from experience that she is above and beyond the other agencies. She's always been my advocate and made sure my needs were met. She is also very attentive to detail... Read More

Kristine R

I can't thank Rita and Rite Options enough! After 10 rounds of fertility treatment, I chose to use an donor egg. I researched several different egg donation agencies. Some seemed impersonal and most didn't have a great selections of donors.... Read More

M & J from New York

As an attorney with 11 years of experience related to egg donation, I am delighted, in fact, proud to be working with Rite Options. I have had a good deal of exposure to many agencies across the United States and I find working with Rita... Read More

Kind regards, Amy

I find myself recommending Rite Options because Rita is dedicated to making her customers happy. In dealing with other agencies, no-one compared to the excellence provided in customer service. Whenever I needed and answer, Rita answered promptly... Read More

Happy couple from New York