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Texas Surrogate Mothers

Become A Surrogate in Texas

Gestational surrogacy can be a gratifying and positive experience for both the intended parents and surrogate mother, primarily when you employ a Rite Options surrogacy agency. At Rite Options, we manage all the legal, emotional, medical and financial aspects of the surrogacy journey. Many women decide to become Texas surrogate mothers because they find it rewarding to help a couple/individual who cannot have children on their own. Hence, there is a lot of hope that fuels the surrogacy process

When a woman decides to become a gestational surrogate in Texas, an agreement is signed between the surrogate mother and the intended parents after a potential surrogate mother passes a comprehensive medical and psychological and background checks. This is called a gestational agreement. A gestational surrogate will carry a baby/babies for the intended parents that are not genetically related to the surrogate. A gestational mother will receive an excellent financial compensation/package for her assistance in this incredible surrogacy journey. 


Surrogacy Laws in Texas


In Texas, there are specific laws that enable intended parents to obtain legal parental rights to the baby born out of their legal agreement with the gestational surrogate. There are two critical aspects of Texas’ gestational carrier laws:

 -The intended parent(s) have the constitutional right to seek a written agreement from the gestational surrogate and to get the court to validate this agreement. 

The agreement can state that the legal parents of the baby born under this gestational agreement are the intended parent(s).

In addition, Texas requires health insurance providers must cover some aspects of the surrogacy such as in vitro fertilization procedures. Each insurance plan varies, and Rite Options agency will look into this matter with scrutiny. 

The entire surrogacy journey in Texas will vary in cost from $100,000 to $150,000. It covers the fee of hiring a surrogate agency that will carefully oversee all aspects of the surrogate journey from start to finish, legal consultations/contract, psychological evaluation, medical costs involved; surrogate compensation, etc. This does not include the costs associated with the egg donor cycle. 

One of the best ways to select a surrogacy agency is to read testimonials from parents and interview agency personnel. At Rite Options, we encourage intended parents and prospective surrogates to visit our office and ask questions about the entire process. This will help you feel confident in selecting our experienced team to help you achieve your parental dreams. Our case managers will work with both parties to ensure that the entire experience is comfortable and memorable. Our goal is your goal: to help you become a parent! 

To become a surrogate in Texas or to speak to a surrogate agency, contact Rite Options