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Texas Egg Donors



Join the band of special women who’re proud to call themselves Texas egg donors! 


Are you someone who loves helping others?


Does the thought of being able to change someone’s life inspire you?


Then you might be the right candidate to join our Egg Donation program

Being chosen to be an egg donor in our program will lead you on a rewarding journey. Your entry into our special donor database can help someone else’s parenting dreams come true. Apart from the emotional gratification, you’ll get from helping a couple become a family; our egg donors receive considerable financial compensation for their effort and time spent in the process. 

All applicants to our egg donor agency will undergo initial pre-screening to ensure you preliminary qualify to be an egg donor. To determine whether you’re ready to become an egg donor, ask yourself the following questions:


Is my age suitable to participate in egg donation?


You’re born with a complete egg reserve. The quality of your eggs is usually much better if you are between the ages of 18 to 30. If you are serious about donating your eggs, we’d like to talk to you. 


Am I in good shape?


You must have a healthy BMI to be able to participate in our egg donation program. A BMI of 32 or less is considered healthy. 

Should I stop smoking, heavy alcohol drinking or recreational drug use?


Use of any of these substances will lower the health of your eggs and therefore will decrease your chances to be accepted as an egg donor. 


What are the next steps in egg donation?


At Rite Options, our egg donors are healthy, bright and compassionate. They are women from many different backgrounds. If you’re interested in the possibility of participating in our egg donation program, then we urge you to give our Egg Donation Services a call.