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New York Egg Donor

Rite Options NY Egg Donation Program


Women who are unable to conceive due to various health issues can rely on NY egg donors to become pregnant.


Who is a prospective customer for our NY Egg Donor Center?


The following conditions may make a woman seek assistance from egg donors:

-           Born without a uterus

-           Born without ovaries

-           Ovaries were removed due to tumours or endometriosis

-           Ovaries were damaged due to chemotherapy or radiation

-           Advanced maternal age

-           Premature menopause

-           Chromosomal abnormalities

-           Failure of traditional infertility therapies such as in vitro fertilization


What is the egg donation process?


If you’re a woman who wishes to undergo the egg donation process, you will endure several medical procedures. First consists of stimulating your ovaries through your vagina with an ultrasound. Once harvested, your eggs will be fertilized in the lab with either donor sperm or sperm obtained from the intended father.


Finding the Best Egg Donor


After you’ve decided to pursue egg donation, you need to find a reliable egg donor agency like Rite Options. Our case manager will discuss all the requirements and the entire process of egg donation as well as what you can expect during the process. You will be expected to undergo several medical and psychological tests to assess your entire fitness. Once you’ve cleared our assessments and interview, we will happily add you to our extensive egg donor database.

You will be offered a competitive compensation amount. This figure will increase based on the demand of your characteristics, i.e. ethnicity, educational background, school of study, etc., as well as whether you’re a repeat donor.

Our database consists of hundreds of women who are as selfless and caring as you are. These are women from a diverse array of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. You all share a unique bond: the urge to help others experience the joys of parenthood.

Join the best egg donor program. Contact Rite Options today.