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Rite Options was formed in response to growing demand for the personal and professional services of a top-quality, full-service egg donation agency on the East Coast, specifically in the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania areas. Here at Rite Options, we work closely with families and donors through all stages of the egg donation process, from finding a perfect match to coordinating all medical, legal, and travel arrangements, to providing the counseling and emotional support to ensure that families and donors all have a positive, rewarding experience and the best possible outcome.

Here at Rite Options, our dedicated staff is passionate about the importance and potential of egg donation in helping families grow. Located on Long Island, NY, we serve families and donors from all over the United States and abroad. We work with every couple and donor personally, applying our knowledge and professionalism to meet the unique needs of each participant in the process. We work with individuals and couples in traditional and non-traditional families. We will help you choose the right fertility clinic for you and coordinate all aspects of the donation process. Our warm, supportive staff includes fluent speakers of many languages, thus being uniquely equipped to assist international clients.

All of the information related to every case will be kept strictly confidential, due to our ethical & legal obligations (see our Privacy Policy for more details). Our agency is licensed by the New York State we fully comply by the standards and guidelines set by ASRM (American Society of Reproductive Medicine).

We will be honored to help you achieve your dream.