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Illinois Surrogate Mothers



Are you interested in becoming a surrogate mother in Illinois? 


Whether you’re an intended parent looking for guidance or a potential Illinois surrogate mother, we at Rite Options are happy to answer all your questions. From your first contact up until the birth of your surrogate baby, we will support you along the way. 

A core feature of our surrogacy agency is our focus on matching surrogates with intended parents. Once a successful match is established, we work with both parties to set up necessary legal agreements to move forward in the surrogacy journey.


Gestational Surrogacy Laws in Illinois


In the state of Illinois, gestational surrogacy is allowed according to statute 750 ILCS 47/1 – 47/75. Unlike some states, courts in Illinois do not grant pre-birth parentage rights. The law enables intended parents to go directly to Vital Records and obtain the birth certificate, pending all statutory requirements are followed and all necessary certifications are filed with the delivery hospital and the Illinois Department of Public health, BEFORE the baby’s birth. If not, a post-birth parental court order is required. 


According to this statute, if one parent is genetically linked to the baby, the following people can establish parentage rights:


-    Married heterosexual couples using their sperm or egg

-    Married heterosexual couple using donor sperm or donor egg

-    Unmarried heterosexual couples using their sperm or egg

-    Unmarried heterosexual couples using donor sperm or donor egg

-    Same-sex couples using donor sperm or donor egg

-    Single parents using their sperm or egg


A hearing is not necessary to obtain parentage orders if all statutory requirements and administrative procedures are met before the baby’s birth. In this case, the intended parents need to go to Vital Records. These procedures are not completed before the baby’s birth, and then a court hearing is required to obtain a parentage order. 


The Decision to Become a Surrogate in Illinois


Surrogacy is a life-changing process for both the intended parents and the gestational surrogate. It takes a woman who is compassionate, mature, and generous to take this path. There are many factors to take into account while making your decision. One of the most important ones is compensation. To qualify, you must be financially stable so that there is minimal stress on yourself and your family. 

If you’re ready to become a surrogate mother or are potential intended parents who are wondering about the cost of surrogacy in Illinois, please get in touch with us at Rite Options